We build efficient solutions that accomplish your business objectives and seamlessly integrate with your environment — whether it’s a new web portal, network security audit, SaaS platform or mobile app.  

Solution Architecture

We synthesize your business requirements with technology to architect an optimal system specification.

Network Security

Custom solutions for implementing and maintaining a secure environment and communications for a dependable backbone that supports your business continuity.

Cloud Computing

Whether you want to implement a new cloud-based solution or transform an existing product to a utility-based consumption model, we can design and implement your software as a service solution.

Web Portals

Custom, turn key portal solutions for driving business relationships and promoting information sharing.

Business Networking Software

Evaluate and address your business strategy needs by creating and implementing a strategic networking solution.


Expand your customer reach with mobile app solutions for iOS, Android and Windows.


Develop solutions for use in a variety of virtual environments including VMware, Hyper-V and KVM. Add a new revenue stream by virtualizing existing products or creating a new one.

Bandwidth Resource Planning

Using our experience in bandwidth monitoring and control, Sentryent can develop a custom network bandwidth solution for you. Always know your capacity.