Case Studies

How We Helped

We have helped companies within a wide variety of industries—from complete product architecture through successful launch to creating apps, and porting software.

Web Applications, Core Networking, Virtualization, SaaS, Mobile Apps, Porting
Independent Software Vendors, Gaming, Education, Enterprise Networking, IT

Web Application Development

Architecture Consulting and Staff Augmentation

A growing software company sought resources to augment their design and development team to fill a skill gap and meet commitment deadlines.


  • Provided architecture recommendations that improved security and robustness and is highly scalable.
  • Matched the appropriate developer with the web application design skills and the internal tool knowledge needed to successfully augment the company’s development team.


  • Efficient use of resources
  • Timely availability of skills needed kept project on schedule


  • HTML5
  • Node.js
  • JS
  • JSON/jQuery
  • Pouch/CouchDB
  • Indexeddb
  • Python

Architected First SSL VPN

Full Product Development

A startup company that evolved into a successful network security solution provider needed the concept of the first SSL VPN gateway realized.


  • Started and grew development team to meet increasing demand of product portfolio additions.
  • Architected, designed and built the following products: SSL VPN gateway, VPN load balancer, packet watermarking/ID security appliance, central reporting server.


The SSL VPN solution was recognized with numerous industry awards.  The success of the products led the company to acquisition.


  • Security: PKI, TSL/SSL, threat and vulnerability analysis, identity
  • Networking: VPN, TCP/IP, Client/Servers, Apache/Tomcat, Transport
  • Multi stage authentication: (LDAP, RADIUS, Kerberos, SMB, NTLM, ClientID, VASCO, RSA SecureID)
  • Languages: C/C++/Objective C/C#, PhP, CGI, Perl, Python, Java & JavaScript integration, AJAX routines, HTML5
  • Databases:  MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Cloud computing: SaaS, SECaaS
  • User web portal
  • Linux: Daemons/Apps, Kernel modules/modifications, Network and serial drivers, low-level development, kernel panic analysis and fixes, memory management, X
  • Microsoft: Win32 Apps/ low level APIs, Win32 Drivers/Kernel level drivers, Win32 memory management, BSOD analysis and fixes, NET, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Lync development,  services, networking, multi CPU support, rich GUI with Embarcadero
  • OSX: Kernel extensions, NKE, custom USB drivers, coco/Carbon, OS X low-level development (POSIX, libSystem API), OS X BSOD analysis and fixes, OS X memory management, OS X networking, OS X i386->x86_64 upgrade, rich GUI with Cocoa development

Developed Instrument Software

Manage Overall Product Development

A company that makes instrument software sought a development team to manage periodic software releases of their instrument software and use computational mathematics to solve and discover theoretical relationships in empirical data and curve fitting.


  • In-depth code base analysis leading to security/reliability/robustness recommendations and implementation.
  • Discovered and fixed various significant software issues.
  • Solved curving fitting issues using various computational algorithms including the Levenberg-Marquardt method.


  • Improved the reliability and functionality of the instrument software in the desired time frame enabling additional revenue generation.
  • Managed the complete software update process freeing executive management to focus on other priorities.


  • C/C++
  • Excel Macros
  • SciLab
  • Levenberg-Marquardt

Secured SaaS, Developed App

SaaSApp2Security Infrastructure and iOS App for SaaS Provider

A leading 3D virtual meeting provider sought to improve security and accessibility of SaaS service to support growing customer base. Our services included:

  • Built out app
  • Added security infrastructure
  • Integration into MS back office environment authentication/policy
  • Ported to Unreal game engine
  • Ported Windows client to iPad app
  • Built an object editor


  • Delivered in desired timeframe to generate revenue.
  • Added revenue from clients seeking to improve virtual 3D meeting attendance for mobile employees and partners with iPad app.


  • 3D virtual environment
  • MS Enterprise Services: SharePoint, Office, Lync service development
  • MS Authentication/Policy: ADFS, NTLM, Kerberos
  • .NET, MS Networking, Win32 Apps/ low level APIs, Drivers/Kernel level drivers, memory management
  • BSOD analysis and fixes
  • Windows and iOS clients
  • RDP development
  • Rich GUI with Embarcadero
  • Unreal 3/4 game engine core, Unreal 3-4/GameBryo/Unity/Custom engine based games
  • Multi CPU support
  • OS X OpenGL profiling
  • Windows Nvidia & AMD profiling
  • ScaleForm, Iggy – GUI builders
  • Granny, Bink, various AA algorithms implementation and optimization, shadows implementation
  • iOS: OpenGL ES for iOS

Extended Life of Older Computers

 Operating System Port

A startup company sought services to modernize and extend the life older hardware by installing a current operating system. Our services included:

  • Successfully ported Chromium to 18 different laptops and desktops in 2 months
  • Designed strategy to expedite multiple ports
  • Solved Chromium to desktop PC porting issues
  • Solved multiple driver issues

Company was able to evaluate its value proposition and save school districts money by reusing laptops and desktops.


  • Daemons/Apps
  • Kernel modules/modifications
  • Network and serial drivers
  • Low-level development
  • Kernel panic analysis and fixes
  • Memory management

First App for Secure Remote Access

 Developed First Ever iOS App for SSL VPN

Growing use of tablets and smartphones in the workplace increased demand for secure remote access to company resources using an iPad or iPhone.


  • Architected/design/built iPad app
  • Designed/coded RDP 5.1 from scratch to avoid licensing issues
  • Supported multi finger swiping for more natural operation


Company became the first SSL VPN vendor to bring an iOS app to market resulting in revenue generation from upselling existing customers and attracting new customers.


  • iOS
  • RDP 5.1 scratch code write
  • Rich GUI with Cocoa touch
  • iOS networking
  • Universal apps – iPad, iPhone
  • Custom UI controls
  • App Store submission and issues resolving

Ported Gaming Software to Other Platforms

Ported Gaming Software to OSX, PS4, and Xbox

A leading gaming company needed their top ranked PC game ported to other platforms for additional revenue streams.


  • Developed strategies for migrating all the major subsystems including resource allocation, rendering and networking
  • Managed major port of DirectX to OpenG renderer.
  • Solved shading and anti-aliasing issues.


The company delivered products to market when planned and generated revenue.


  • MS
  • OSX
  • PS4
  • Xbox
  • DX9/DX11/OpenGL renderers
  • DX11 renderers
  • DX9->OpengGL 3 conversion
  • DX11->OpengGL 4 conversion
  • HLSL/GLSL coding and optimization
  • Physics – Nvidia PhysX, Bullet physics engine