Application Security

The importance of strong application security is understood. How to achieve this level of security can be a challenge. Security must be considered during each phase of the product life cycle.  

Application Security Services

Whether we are building the application for you or you have existing applications you want to secure, we offer these services.

  • Advise in the design, development, testing, maintenance, and upgrade of applications for best possible security
  • Advise on assets, vulnerabilities, threats, exploits, and counter measures
  • Analyze your existing code for potential security vulnerabilities and threats
  • Check third-party code for possible GPL/LGPL license violations and help with compliance
  • Consult on security terms in Unix and Windows environments (rights, permissions and secure channels)
  • Consult on Windows Vista UAC technology. With our proficiency in this area we offer real-world proven solutions for Win32 applications to comply with UAC.