Who We Are

Sentryent is a proven, award-winning consulting and development team with over 100 years of cumulative experience designing and building complex software solutions. As a team, we have been working together successfully for over a decade.

Our highly skilled team of developers has a proven ability to design and deliver successful solutions using current and emerging technologies.

As an example, Sentryent architected and built the first SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliance which was recognized with many awards including Best VPN Solution from SC Magazine and named Clear Winner by Network World. We have been awarded several patents for this unique technology and our solution passed rigid compliance testing. We also designed and built the first mobile app for SSL VPN and the first Security as a Service (SECaaS) cloud offering.

Please see our case studies page for some of our recent projects.


Sentryent headquarters is located in Somerset, NJ. To provide the greatest value to our clients and ensure optimal skills at significant cost savings, we provide a mix of both local and overseas resources. All code is stored locally and securely. Project management is all US based and staffed with English native language speakers to ensure timely and effective communication on all issues related to your project.

About Sentryent

To provide reliable technical expertise that delivers value to your organization.
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